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R.barot co.

Our Products

Hakko Fx 951 Soldering Station

Hakko Red Soldering Iron

Hakko 882 Heating Gun Soldering Accessories

Hakko 96 Solder Pot

Hakko Sppon Desoldering Equipment

Hakko Fr 701 Rework Station

Hakko Fx 901 Soldering Iron

Hakko FG 102 Thermometer Soldering Accessories

Hakko 394 Soldering Accessories

Hakko FR 872 Soldering Accessories

Hakko FM 2030 Soldering Accessories

BGA Rework Station FR 811

Hakko FR 870 Rework Station

Hakko FT 700 Tip Polisher With FS 100 Paste

Hakko Dash Soldering Iron

Hakko MG Soldering Iron

Hakko FG 100 Thermometer Soldering Accessories

Hakko FT 710 Cleaner Soldering Accessories

Hakko FX 300 Solder Pot

Hakko FM 204 Desoldering Equipment

Hakko FM 206 Rework Station

Hakko FM 203 Rework Station

Hakko Fr 702 Rework Station

Hakko FA 400 Smoke Absorber

Hakko N2 System Fx 791 Soldering Station

Hakko FR 300 Desoldering Equipment

Hakko FX 100 Soldering Station

Hakko FX 888D Soldering Station

Hakko FX 801 Soldering Station

Hakko FX 301 B Soldering Pot

Hakko FX 600 Soldering Iron

Hakko 950 Tweezer Soldering Accessories

Hakko FA 430 Smoke Absorber

Hakko FG 101 Thermometer Soldering Accessories

Tsutsumi Icross TX i1224 Soldering Robot

Tsutsumi Feeding UniT TF 621 For Soldering Robot

Tsutsumi Automatic Soldering Units

KOKI Reflow System

KOKI Spray Fluxer VIS 350

Hakko 485 Connect Soldering System

Tsutsumi MINIMAX II TX 821 Soldering Robot

Ambitec GAM 12 SMD Component Counter

Ambitec GAM 62A Centrifuge Machine

Ebso EASY CUT300 300M PCB Depanelizer Router

Janome PCB Depaneling Desktop Robot JR2000NERT Series

Ambitec Gam 70 Laser Vision Measurement

Ambitec GAM 30 V CUT PCB Separator

Reflow Tracker Temperature Profiling System

Ebso E 33 1 Trimmer Radial

Ebso E 300 Trimmer Radial

Hakko 155 Trimmers Radial

Hakko Lead Forming

Chemtronics BGA Wick Repair Consumables

Chemtronics Circuit Works Conductive Pen

Chemtronics Circuit Works Overcoat Pen

Chemtronics Circuit Works Flux Pens

Kester Solder Formulation

Fuji SMT Glue

Kester Liquid Solder Flux

Kester Solder Paste

Carton Model SPZ 50 Binocular Microscope

Carton Pocket Microscope

Carton Shop Microscope

Carton DSZ 44 Binocular Microscope

Carton Model R230 Optical Inspection System

Carton Model R7501 Optical Inspection System

Carton Z1014E Trinocular Microscope

Carton NSW Series Binocular Microscope

Carton DSZT 70 Trinocular Microscope

Carton DSZ 70 Binocular Microscope

Carton DSZT 44 Trinocular Microscope

Carton SPZT 50 Trinocular Microscope

Aven Magnifying Lamps

TOTECH SDB Series Dry Cabinet

TOTECH HSD Series Dry Cabinet

TOTECH MSD Series Dry Cabinet

TOTECH SDF SDR Series Dry Cabinet

TOTECH SDV Series Vacuum Machines

Electrolube FLU Fluxclene Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube SPG Contact Lubricants

Electrolube CG60 Contact Lubricants

Electrolube CG53A Contact Lubricants

Electrolube CCS Contact Lubricants

Electrolube TCOR Thermal Management System

Electrolube HTCP Thermal Management System

Electrolube HTSP Thermal Management System

Electrolube TBS Thermal Management System

Electrolube PUC Thermal Management System

Electrolube DCA DCR Conformal Coating

Electrolube HPA Conformal Coating

Electrolube APL Conformal Coating

Electrolube ULC Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube SRI SWA Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube ULS Cleaning Chemical

Electrolube Epoxy Resins

Simco Electrostatic Field meter FMX 004

Sumitron ESD Safe Shielding Bag


Sumitron ESD Tiles

Horb ESD Protective Wears

Horb Combination Wrist Strap ESD Meters

Sumitron ESD Mat Flooring Solutions

Simco Ionizers Ionizing Solution

Treston Small Storage Cabinets and Spacemiser

Treston Chairs

Treston Metal Cabinets

Treston Reel Holder RRT

Treston Adjustable Trolley TRTA

Treston Adjustable Workbenches TPH SAP

Treston Adjustable Workbenches WB Series

TOTECH Moisture Barrier Bags

Kilews AC Brush Semi Automatic Electric Screwdriver


Nitto Seiko KX DRIVER Electric Screwdriver

Nitto Seiko NX DRIVER Electric Screwdriver


Kanon Digital Tool

Kanon Torque Wrench

BIX Screw Driver Bits

Kilews Torque Meter

Kilews Screw Counter

Janome NSBI Screw Feeder

Kilews Torque Arm

Kilews KFR Screw Feeder

Kilews Brushless Fully Automatic Electric Screwdriver

Kilews DC Brush Fully Automatic Electric Screwdriver

Kilews Ac Brush Fully Automatic Electric Screwdriver

Nitto Seiko NITTO SR565Q

ELM M 800 Entry Level Dispenser

Homeease Industrial Glue Gun

Homeease Professional Glue Gun

Homeease Hobby Style Glue Gun

ELM LD7000 Automatic Label Dispenser

ELM LD5000 Automatic Label Dispenser

ELM LD2000 Automatic Label Dispenser

ELM M 1000 Dispenser for Medium Production

ELM MS 1100 Automatic Tape dispenser

Homeease Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Gun

Janome JRV 2000 Dispesing Robot

Cartridge Retainer and CAP

Pressure Tank

Taeha Can Pump System

TAEHA Pro Duo Pump System

TAEHA TP 50 Dispensing controller

SEIDO SD 502 Digital Dispenser

SEIDO SD 501 Digital Dispenser

Janome JC 3 Series

Dispensing Valves

Giantlok Cable Tie Tensioning Tool

KST Crimping Tool

KST Cable Cutter

Ideal Infrared Thermometer


Ideal Clamp Meters Electrical Test Equipment

Ideal Thermal Imager

Ideal Power Quality Analyzer

Texwipe Cleaning Validation Swab

Sealed Border Synthetic Wiper

Texwipe Adhesive Floor Mat

Texwipe Sterile Wipes

Texwipe Swabs Cleanroom Stationery

Texwipe Cleanroom Stationary

Texwipe Mops

Texwipe Pre wetted Wipers

Texwipe Blended Nonwoven Wiper

Texwipe TOC Cleaning Validation kit

Texwipe Specialty Wiper

Super X Series 8008


Retaining compounds

Polyurethane hot melts


Hakko FR 810B Rework Station

Ambitec GAM 60 60A Solder Paste Mixer


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